Going Round in Circles with Plastic

Is plastic packaging of food essential for a sustainable and therefore circular food system?  This on-line event from the University of Cambridge brought together experts on […]

Science SOS – let’s talk about food!

EIT Food #AnnualFoodAgenda action called “Science SOS – let’s talk about food” has just come to an end. Institute of Animal Reproduction an Food Research PAS […]

Circular Ways with Waste

The University of Cambridge ran a very popular on-line event on Thursday 29th April, all about circular ways to solve the problem of food waste. With […]

Los consumidores saborean las proteínas del futuro con #AnnualFoodAgenda

El Instituto iMDEA Alimentación sigue apostando por conectar con los consumidores españoles para ofrecerles información de las ultimas tendencias en alimentación, a través de su proyecto […]