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Fridays in October and December (see dates below) 14.30 – 15.30 GMT


University of Cambridge, Global Food Security, Coffee Break Talks

Ethics, environment or economics: How can we incentivise the architecture of a sustainable food system? This series of webinarswas a relaxed onlinelearning and discussion platform for […]

How can we build resilient food systems for the future?

Covid-19 has shown the fragilities of our food systems, challenging business to adapt and showing the importance of local communities. How can we build and maintain […]

Celebrating the FAO International Year of Plant Health: A forward looking perspective on tackling the grand challenges in plant health to transform agriculture sustainably

A seminar for everyone interested in how plant research can tackle global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation and food security. Our distinguished […]

Give Bees a Chance! How can we help bees and feed the world?

We need bees and bees need our help.  Our expert panel will answer your questions about what can be done, in your garden, on farms and by […]

Form the Future’s Annual Conference 2020

Form the Future’s Conference will explore how schools, business leaders and Form the Future can work together to equip students with the necessary skills for the […]

Eat the Right Thing: Are plant-based diets best for us and our planet? #AFAEAT

Can eating plants and nothing else really make us stronger, faster, healthier and sharper?  Our distinguished panel will pick their way through the mine-field of dietary advice […]

New Scientist Live: Future of Food and Agriculture #AFANEWSCIENTIST (Food Trends & Future Consumers)

New Scientist Live’s Future of Food and Agriculture is an online day of inspiring talks across three stages.  New Scientist organises the world’s biggest science festival, New Scientist Live, […]

Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival #AFAZERO

Fixing the food systems: resilience and sustainability, a reality? Part of the Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival, this panel discussion will explore the impact that our food systems have on the environment, and how we […]

REAP Conference 2020: From micro-scape to landscape – innovating at the frontier #AFAREAP

This Conference brings together farmers, growers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs to create a global innovation hub in agri-tech, at which the University of Cambridge will proudly […]