Date and place

December 11th, 2020, 9:30am – 5:45pm


xKIC Session powered by EIT Food and InnoEnergy and International Conference “Environmental Protection & Energy”

This year’s 8th edition of the international conference “Environmental Protection and Energy” will be enriched with topics related to safety and sustainable food production. As part […]

Zero Waste/Project Management

In the first part of a meeting, prof. AGH Paweł Bogacz will explain the sustainable food production process issues and the importance of consumers’ ZERO WASTE […]

World Food Day with EIT Food – intergenerational workshops

1.3 billion tons worldwide, 88 million tons in the European Union  – this is the amount of food that goes to the garbage every year. We […]

“Facts and myths about nutrition” – educational online workshops for high school and technical school students

“Facts and myths about nutrition” – educational workshops for high school and technical school students organized during the Maspex Group Open Days conducted in a remote […]

Radio Academy of Healthy Eating

This season #AnnualFoodAgenda premiers…. on air. Researchers from IARFR PAS will engage with consumers through a series of radio broadcasts addressing the topics of healthier nutrition and […]

Healthy eating basics #TrustYourFood – educational campaign

How to find a way to attract children’s attention to properly composing their meals and also taking care of a healthy lifestyle? This challenge was taken […]

Webinar: “Trends in food and nutrition”

Food and nutrition trends have changed over the years. To bring consumers closer to trends that are currently shaping the global food market, and thus our […]

#AnnualFoodAgenda Inspiring Online

This season #AnnualFoodAgenda goes viral. Researchers from IARFR PAS and MASPEX experts will engage with consumers through an online educational campaign based on a series of […]

Food Trends Market

Shopping has recently become a form of relaxation and entertainment. Thanks to visiting educational booths on “Food Trends Market” shopping can also turn into studying! “Food […]