#IMDEAFoodGamers, a new way to discover the science of nutrition through gamification

IMDEA Food Institute, within the framework of EIT Food‘s #AnnualFoodAgenda project, has developed the #IMDEAFoodGamers platform, a new way of discovering the science of nutrition through […]

Researchers’ Night with EIT Food

During 27th November – 4th December celebrated Researchers’ Night with EIT Food. On this occasion, researchers from IARFR PAS conducted a series of 15 online lectures […]

2050 -10 Billion people on earth, Can we ensure a sustainable and healthy nutrition worlwide?

IMDEA Food Institute, with the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (IUNS) and within the framework of the #AnnualFoodAgenda EIT Food project, has brought together world leaders […]

#AnnualFoodAgenda ON AIR Radio Academy of Healthy Eating

10 researchers, 10 podcasts and several thousand audience – this season #AnnualFoodAgenda premiered…. on air. Researchers from IARFR PAS engaged with consumers through a series of […]