Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research & Maspex build trust in food for new generations of Polish students

Workshops at the food research laboratories On March 2nd, 8th, 16th, 2019 a series of onsite tours accompanied with hands-on workshops for school children took place […]

Food trends and future customers – Workshops

On April 16th, educational workshops dedicated to students led by the representatives of the food industry (Maspex) and scientists from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and […]

#Annual Food supports Amazing Algae. Festival of Plants

At this year’s Festival of Plants in the Cambridge Botanic Garden, Saturday 18 May 2019, we ran an Amazing Algae stand as part of a large […]

Event report – TIGR2ESS

The second event organised by the University of Cambridge as part of the EIT Food AnnualFoodAgenda series was run on 16th March, 2019, as part of […]